Hair is Just as Important as Makeup

Hair is the most underrated part of dressing.   99% of time and energy is spent on makeup, but if you don't have the right hair for your face your makeup doesn't matter.

Halloween Store Hair:   

Most of us bought our first set of hair at the Halloween store.  They sell cheap costume wigs.   You bought a blonde one didn't you?  Of course you did.   These wigs are better than nothing, but that is all.

Counterfeit Wigs/Websites

The internet is filled with websites that are using the photos and names of high quality hair and then shipping you $10 junk.   Most people don't know the difference.  You think the problem is you.   Its not you its the hair.   Cheap hair, looks cheap.

Here is a link to the 2 wigs I use

This is going to change the way you think about hair.

Don't think about the cost of the wig.   Think about the cost per use.   If the hair is $300 and you use it 50 times, you have a $6/use cost.   Not bad.   If the wig is $30 and you wear it once that is $30/use.   Now that's expensive.

Buying wigs can be a crap shoot.   

Here are my tips to limit the gamble and the cost/use:

1. Do not buy from a website that you don't know.   The only legit website I know of is   They are expensive, but you know what you are getting is real.   If you see a wig that is $400 for $40, then its not real.

2. Do not choose a solid color.   Solid blondes or blacks look fake.   Choose a blend.   Choose a color with highlights or a blend.   They look much more realistic.

3. Take care of your wig properly.   Buy an actual wig bag or box.  Do not just throw your wig in your travel bag.   Use a wig comb to detangle.   Detanlge from the ends and work towards the root.   Here is a good video on that.

4. Wash your wig regularly.   I see photos and my hair looks like dried grass.  I know its time to wash it.   

How to wash it:  You can watch youtube for a 1000 ways to wash your wig.   I have used this method and it works.   I fill up a storage bin with cold water.   In a cup I mix hot water and Hair Conditioner (a generous amount like 2 oz.)  I mix that together so it creates a liquid.   You can't just squirt the conditioner into the cold water, it wouldn't mix.   Now you pour the hot conditioner mixture into the cold water.   You mix that around.   Not put your detangled wig in the mixture and move it around.   Let it sit for about 10 minutes.

Pull it out and let all the water drain out of it.   5 minutes.

Dump and rinse your tub.   Fill it up with a few inches of cold water.   Now soak your wig in that for 2 minutes and move it around.   Repeat that process until you think you got all the conditioner out.   

5. Now hang up your wig to let it dry.   After it dries it looks horrible.   Take your favorite brush and gently brush it and watch it come to life.   Notice how soft it is and it will smell great.

You should really do this every other use.  

6. Never use heat on your wig.  I don't care what it says.   If you want to straighten your hair use this method.

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