About Breast Plates

How to Choose Color

How to choose color: (we are just talking about skin color here.  this is not a political discussion.  I am trying to help you get a product that matches your skin.  We are all people, we all have skin.  It comes in different shades and everyone is equal. ) 

If you are Caucasian you should choose #2.   Then you should use tinted setting powder to match your makeup.   Tinted setting powder takes to the material just like your skin.  It gives it a much more realistic look.  You color changes all year so trying to match your skin now, won't help you 6 months from now.  

I have been selling boobs for 2 years and I have learned that you the boobs are never going to match your skin perfectly.   You use setting powder to make it match.   Just like anything else on your body.

If you are Latino or Light African American choose color 3.   Use the same process with setting powder.

If you want a darker shade, please contact me, we can get anything you want very quickly.   You can send us a photo and we can help you choose a color.  

Do not use white/translucent setting powder.  It just makes them look shiny and it does not help with matching color.  It will not make your boobs look lighter.  I tried it doesn't work.  The powder has to be tinted.

The best product I know of right now is Dermablend.  Its expensive, but it works.


I strongly recommend having the 2 darker shades on hand so you can darken or lighten your boobs.  Warm Saffron and Cool Beige.  You can also contour the cleavage and make them really stand out.

I have a pair of color 3 that are too dark for me.  I used the warm saffron and it matched very well.

More Info 

The most realistic breast forms on the market.

They feature realistic skin texture.  You know how you look at your skin closely and there are 1000s of tiny lines.   It gives it a much more realistic and less "shiny/fake" rubbery look.

It features a behind the ear neck.  This is covered by your hair and helps keep the breasts up.  Stops them from sliding down.  It also provides additional support.

The most realistic nipples of any product.  If you want to know if an item is good quality look at the nipples.  

The breasts are filled with liquid silicone.   Liquid silicone is like molasses.  Its super thick material that allows for the breasts to move, bounce and gives them a real feel.

Its not going to leak  

The neck is high so you can cut it down.  Think of it like those comfort inserts for your shoes.  Its bigger than it should be so you can trim it down.

How to put on your boobs:

Pull apart the head opening and get your head through.   That is the hardest part.   Now your head is through and its hanging around your neck.   Take your left arm and put it through the left arm hole.   Now roll it down on the left side as much as you can.   Then do the left arm.   Roll it down in the back and its on.  

How to trim the neck:

1. Put on your boobs.

2. Wear them and move around.   Raise your arms.  Stand, sit.  You want them to settle into place.  Once you are confident they aren't going to slide down any more.   

3. Put on a collar that you like.  Make sure its in place.

4. Mark all around the top of the color with dark brown makeup on a firm brush.

5. Remove your collar and boobs.

6. Take a scissors that is used to cut paper.   Never a knife.  

7. Cut down from the neck hole on an angle.  Never straight down.   Cut down at a angle towards your makeup marks and cut all the way around.   If you are unsure, do a higher safe cut first.  Then repeat the process.

8.  Put the boobs and collar back on and it should cover completely.  You do not want to see any of the edge.  The idea is to create the illusion that the material is your skin.  Having the material peaking from under or over your collar will ruin that.

 Wearing the boobs with any of the edges showing is like having your slip showing.

Its bad fashion.  If you are going out or taking photos, you cover the edges.  "My looks ok, no it doesn't.   I want you to look great, not ok."   You want to blow people away, not have people say "oh look at those fake boobs."  

If you have any questions on how to disguise them, wear them or anything.  Contact me.