Cotton vs Silicone Boobs Review

Comparing Cotton to Silicone Breast Forms

1. Cost:  Winner Cotton

They are about $80-$100 cheaper than silicone filled.

2. Weight: Winner Cotton

A set of Cotton E weighs less than 2 lbs while silicone weighs around 10.    Having a 10 lb weight in your bag isn't fun when its already so heavy.   Its easier to put them on and take them off.   Its just more comfortable.   You don't feel like you have anything on.   When you wear silicone you know you have it on and your neck and back can get tired.

3. Last longer:  Winner Cotton

Cotton will last longer.   Without the stress of the extra weight there is not as much wear and tear on them.   You are less likely to rip them when you take them off.  

4. Natural Feel: Winner Silicone

 When you squeeze cotton they don't feel like a breast.  They feel like a seat cushion.  Not that its terrible, but its not as good as silicone.  Silicone feels real.  If you didn't know you would think you are feeling a real breast.   

5. Natural Look:   Winner Silicone

Cotton don't look as realistic as silicone.   They don't sag down like a breast would.   Its like they defy gravity.   They stick straight out.  The transition from the chest to breast is not as natural as silicone.    This is me being very picky.    The variances are subtle but they are there.  

My experience with trying cotton for the first time is mixed.   I always try to look my best.  Between comfort and beauty I always choose beauty.   This is a tough choice though, because they were just so much more comfortable.   It was so easy to put them on an take them off.   I didn't feel like I had anything on at all.   I never really thought about them all night.  When I came home after wearing them for 6 hours, I didn't feel exhausted.   I am usually physically tired from the silicone and I didn't feel that fatigue.   The big negative was that I was going to wear a top that showed a lot of cleavage and I had to change because I didn't think they looked real enough.   The top was open in the middle so it really showed the inner sides of the breasts and without the natural sag I felt they didn't look real.   Silicone looks real.   It fools people.  They think they are real even when they are out, I don't think cotton is going to do that.   

I think I will continue to wear cotton in public when my top isn't very revealing, but if I a wearing anything that shows a lot of cleavage I will wear silicone.  

If cost is an issue then cotton is an awesome option.   If you aren't planning to show much cleavage then you should choose cotton.

If you want to look as convincing as possible then its silicone city for you.