Foundation for Crossdressers

This article is to explain how to prep your face and apply your foundation for the best base you can have for the rest of your makeup.  Here is a video that shows how well Dermablend works.   Its not my exact procedure.   I explain what I do below the video.

Think of foundation like paint.  If you paint a rough surface it will look rough.  That is your face.

You want to exfoliate your skin a few times a week.   This product is great.  You keep it in the shower and use it and it helps wash away dead skin to keep your skin looking young and healthy.

1. Microdermabrasion Facial Scrub & Body Exfoliator  about $25

Apply this moisturizer or anything similar after you shower and before you start your makeup.   Let it completely dry.

2. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti Wrinkle Retinol  about $12

Now your skin is ready!

If you do your foundation first, you have to remember that if you are using dark eye shadows they may fall down onto your cheeks and make a mess.

You either have to cover your cheeks or you have to do your foundation in parts so you don't mess it up.

Start with a primer.   Like I said, its just like painting the walls of your house.  You have to prime the surface.   It helps make a smooth surface and it helps your foundation stick to your face.

3. Dermablend Primer $33 - You don't have to use this.  Select anything from Amazon with decent reviews.   

Apply this over your entire face and then let it dry.   Its not going to get bone dry, but dont apply any makeup until its just a little tacky.

4. Pore Minimizer $19  - Use this product any place you have large pores to fill them in.   You dab this on the area until its filled in (its like Spackle for your face), then let it dry completely.  If you don't let it dry, when you put on your foundation it will just pull it out of the holes.   It has to dry so the makeup can go on top of it.

5. Dermablend Liquid Camo Foundation $33 - choosing a color is hard,   if you are not sure, try something in the middle.   or buy 2 colors that are a few shades apart so you can lighten one or darken one.   (expert tip)

Use your fingers and apply a small amount in different areas of your face and smooth it around with your finger, but do not do the area under your eyes.   


 Smooth that makeup all over your face and neck until you have complete coverage.

6. Beauty Blender $7 for a bunch.   Use the beauty blender to even it out and blend it out towards the edges and hairline.   You want it even.   Everything should be covered except under your eyes.

7. Dermablend Concealer - Use this product  under your eyes.   It dries much faster than the regular foundation and it really covers up any puffy eyes or dark circles.   

This video shows you how to use the concealer under your eyes.   This lady is on point.


Now your face is completely filled in, but it doesn't look right because its not blended.   Take a clean sponge add a little water to it and squeeze it out completely.  You want it damp, because if its dry it will pull the makeup right off your face.   Now dab the sponge along the line where the two colors meet and you see how they blend together for a smooth transition.   Work towards your eye carefully to make that gradient effect.  Just about a 1/2 inch is all your need to create the transition

Now your face has had time to dry.

8. Dermablend Banana Setting Powder $30  -  You want to use a powder puff and you want to pack this into your face everywhere except under your eyes, same as before

You want to pack that in everywhere there is makeup.   The makeup adsorbs the powder and makes this smooth finish.   You let that sit a few minutes.   Use your fingers and feel around your face for any place that isn't bone dry and add more powder if needed.   Let it sit again.  It has to be completely dry.

Don't forget do not put powder under your eyes.

Now take a fluffy brush and brush in little circles.  It will work powder into any wet areas and brush away any excessive.    Really spend some time buffing your face.   Think of it like shoes.  

Take the fluffy brush and shake off te excess powder and now lightly brush under your eyes.   That is all your need under your eyes.   If you add powder like the rest of your face it will look cakey.

Now look at your face.   Amazing right.   I know.