How I Do My Purple Lips

I get asked many of the same questions and I never get tired of them.   I like that people ask about certain things because it means they are interested and I appreciate that.

One of the most common questions I get is "what color is that lipstick?"


No lip product is going to give you shades or gradients of color.   You have to create that yourself.  

I use 4 products and here's how you do it.

1. Lip Liner Pencil (you need a sharpener)!/shade/Burgundy

I just outline my lips.  Then again.  Then again, Then again, until they are the thickness I want.   Your natural lip line is already there, so just follow it.    The color doesn't really matter because this is just so I can see where to put my lip color.


2. High Drama Mac Liquid Lip Color

I apply this all over my bottom lip.   Then I use this brush to fill in and cover all the lip pencil that I drew.   

3. I use this brush.  Here is why this brush is so good.   Lip color is messy.  If you have a wet brush its going to get all over everything.   This brush retracts to hide the brush part, so you can put it in your purse and not get lip color all over everything.

I use this brush to carefully fill it in and create a smooth edge.

4. Then I use this product "Ben Nye Clown White"

I take a flat brush and put it in the inner part of my bottom lip.   Then i brush it down into the purple.   It will start to turn light purple instantly.   If you have too brush wipe it off.   Just keep smoothing it out.   Close to your teeth lighter, then darker towards the bottom of your lip.   

5. Do your top lip the same, but with just a very small amount of white.   So tiny compared to your bottom.   I want it darker.  You can use any small short flat brush for this.

6. Use a shimmery white

Dust your bottom lip with a soft fluffy blending brush.   

All Done