Keeping your stuff organized

I know so many people only dress when they travel or go away for a night.  Some people have kids or a roommate or some people just keep their lives separate.   Personally I don't want makeup all over everything thing in my house.   I like to get away and staying overnight somewhere and dressing is the perfect escape.

That requires luggage and keeping your stuff organized.   I have tried everything from hockey equipment bags to cardboard boxes.  

This is a continuous post about how I stay organized.   Its not a one time thing.  I will keep adding to this.

1. Here is a bag that I bought.   Its the biggest bag ever.   You go on Amazon and you see a bag and it looks huge and it can barely hold 2 basketball.

This bag I have could hold 3 of me.   I am not kidding.  I could fit in this bag with two other people.   It has an awesome handle and its on wheels.   This bag has changed my life.

2. This is my makeup case.   Its 4 times the size of my old one.   It holds everything i need to get made up.   I still have a backup dufffle bag, but this makeup case is the best.  I love this thing.