Makeup Under Your Eyes

Every wonder why you have more wrinkles under your eyes with makeup than without?   Its because your are not good at makeup, but that's ok, we can fix that.

Do not apply your foundation under your eyes as you would on the rest of your face and don't use regular foundation.

Use this product


Now listen carefully and don't skip anything.   

You apply it like icing on cake.   You know how you slap some icing on a cake with and then you smooth it out before you add more?   That's what you do.   You do this because this stuff dries really quickly.

You have to use a brush that looks like this.   It doesn't have to be this brush but it has to look the same.   This brush is $25, but you can buy a cheap set and pick the brush from the set that looks the most similar.

This is important.  You apply the product and you only brush away from your nose.   Are you listening to ME????????   If you brush towards your nose your skin will bunch and the makeup will crease.  When you brush away from your nose it pulls your skin tight.  You are doing it with your finger right now.  I can see you.   

Ok peeps now you got your under eye makeup all done and smoothed out.  Take it much further than your undereye because you want it to overlap with your foundation so you can blend it together.  I'll discuss that in a different article when we discuss blending.

Here is the secret.   Do not apply powder.   That is why it cakes and wrinkles.   If you brush a load of powder under your eyes you will look 20 years older.   

After you have brushed or puffed your powder for the rest of your face (skip under your eyes.)    Take whatever you used: brush or puff and shake it out.   Get all the powder off it.   Then lightly go over the undereye area.   Brush over it or pat lightly with a puff.

Your makeup will suck up all the little powder particles and that is enough for that thin layer of concealer under your eyes.   

Now you have hidden your undereye wrinkles instead of accentuated them.

Now go out and impress people.  You look good.