Chastity Cage Metal - "Black Steel Short" One Size Fits Most



I tried this cage out and here is what I discovered.

It has a solid ring which I do like, but you have to learn how to get into it.

Here is what I do:

1. You pull as much skin from your testicles as you can.

2. Then you push your testicle through.  

3. Repeat for the other one.

4. Now you have to get your penis through.   You can try to push your penis inside yourself and slide it under the ring.  Or you can lube it up and push it under.   

5. Now you are probably super hard do you are going to have to wait until you are soft.

6. Put yourself into the cage and slide the posts inside the holes in the ring.

7. Then attach the lock through the hole in the post.

8. You can put tissue inside the cage to reduce the space for yourself.


This cage feels good, its super sexy and makes you feel wonderfully submissive.


Stainless Steel Chastity Cage comes with lock and extra keys

The ring measures 50 mm and fits most people.